The questions we get asked the most.

The questions we get asked the most.

We love answering your questions! Some of your most frequently asked questions we have put helpfully on a page in our website called ASK US ANYTHING. It covers everything from how much shampoo to use, to info about VIVID colours, to how long you should leave between hair appointments. 

Fun fact: did you know that the length of time you should wait to have your bleach re-done is dependent on the rate at which your hair grows, not a number of weeks? Read this snippet....

Let’s call 6 weeks the average - but, like with everything else… people are different. The main reason we want to see you again in roughly 6 weeks is because if you have coloured hair and you let the regrowth come through too much, it’s more difficult for us to achieve our best.
This is because of what’s called the ‘heat band’ which is the hair from your scalp to just over 2cm away from your scalp. This area of your hair holds heat from your hair which actually helps the bleaching process - amazing right? So the real question is… how long does it take your hair to grow 2cm? That’s when we need to see you next. 
The further the hair is away from the scalp (ie 2.5cm, 3cm, more…) the less effective the bleaching process is, and the more product we have to use on your hair. And you can see where we’re going with this - it’s not great for your hair to have too much chemical product on it. Because the more lightener you have to put on your hair, the more fragile it becomes.

Interested in reading more? Visit our FAQ page - ASK US ANYTHING!