Walking into Miss Fox is like walking into a different world.
Vibrant colours, exuberant textures, wonderful humans. When you look around our salon you'll see an eclectic collection of gorgeous furniture, fittings, and surfaces. Every last piece of the Miss Fox salon is there with intent and a hint of sass. This is a place where magical things happen. 
✨ Before you arrive for your appointment you might have had a chance to tell us a little about your DREAM hair. If not, the first thing we'll do is have a chat about your vision and your budget. We want to know everything so that you leave feeling a million bucks... without any surprises.
✨ Throughout your time at Miss Fox you'll be given the same level of care and attention that every single human who walks through our doors receives. (We really do LOVE you all!) We are a warm and welcoming bunch, so please let us know if there's anything we can do to make you feel comfortable while you're here.
✨ If you're the kind of person who loves a SILENT hair salon experience, let us know, and say no more. We will zip it up while you get some well-deserved zen. We're pickin' up what you're puttin' down - but please enjoy our awesome tunes while you're having some time out!
✨ Here for a DREAM cut? Amazing! Our stylists only do dry cuts. Why? Because we believe this to be the best way to ensure accuracy and longevity of your style, and to preserve the health of your hair.
✨ Here for a VIVID colour or EPIC blonde? We can't wait! But before we do any bleaching or colour work, we will talk with you about your vision and expectations so that we are on the same page. If we believe something isn't achievable, we will tell you and we will guide you. 
✨ Let's talk about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Other salons think we're crazy for offering this, but we back ourselves through and through. We strive to deliver exceptional quality and exceed expectations, and this starts with having our FOXY BOSS Karen on the floor leading her team. We talk to you in detail at the beginning of your appointment, and we'll always be honest with you in the pursuit of your DREAM hair. We trust ourselves so that you can trust us.
✨ And at the end of your experience at Miss Fox, we'll ask you when YOU want to book again, we won't force you to book again in a certain number of weeks. This is for two reasons: first, we prioritise the needs of your DREAM hair style. We consider when you'll realistically need to see us again for a cut or a colour. We'll consider the health of your hair and what you can do to maintain your EPIC new look. We're here to guide you, not oblige you.
Are you ready to visit Miss Fox yet? We can't wait to meet you and create your DREAM hair. BOOK NOW.