We are really passionate about educating you about your hair, your style, and your experience at Miss Fox. Have questions? Ask us anything. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How often do I have to shampoo my hair?

The main rule of thumb is: healthy scalp, healthy hair. There are no hard and fast rules. But please do yourself a favour and wash your hair more than twice a week. We think three times per week is spot on.

How often can I wash my hair if I have a vivid colour? I don’t want it to fade. 

Our advice is to use a shampoo that supports your new dream hair colour (ask us for some options) and use cooler water, no hot showers! (Or warm up your body after you’ve washed your hair. Fun fact: this is actually a great way to wake up your metabolism!)

How much shampoo should I use when I wash my hair?

Look, we’re not going to get all technical with how many mls, or how big the dollop should be on your hand, but keep these two things in mind:

  • Shampoo is for your scalp, conditioner is for your hair - to balance the pH of your hair, because shampoo disrupts the balance and conditioner is bringing it back
  • Shampoo twice before conditioning. The first dollop is to get all the grease and grit out of your hair and off your scalp. The second is to actually wash your hair.
  • When you massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp, do this for 2-3 minutes each time. This gives your hair a chance to be washed and the product you spent your moolah on a chance to do its thang
  • At the end of the day you’ve spent your hard-earned dosh on a DREAM hairstyle, now let’s look after it!

Do you offer consultations, and why are they important?

If we don’t already know you at Miss Fox, tell us everything. We want to know what you love, what you hate, what your hair’s like, and how daring or dreamy you want your next ‘do to be so you walk out of here feeling like a million bucks.

If we already know you, let’s catch up! Things might have changed since we last spoke. You might be in the mood for a completely new look and we would love to hear all about it. Either way, there are three key reasons we want to talk to you before your appointment: We want to understand your vision, we want to talk about what will work best for your hair, your lifestyle, and your haircare habits, and we want to make sure your DREAM hair stays dreamy for as long as possible after your appointment. Ask us anything and tell us your hair worries, we love to educate and guide our clients.

Should I bring in pictures?

Please do! The orange you see in your mind may not be the orange we see in ours. Pictures help us work towards a common goal and give us all a better understanding of how your hair will turn out.

What’s a pre-treatment and why do I need one?

If you don’t know, you don’t know. Pre-treatments were created to help VIVID colours last as long as possible and prevent long term damage. Make no mistake: all colours will fade over time. But if you’re going to invest in your DREAM hairstyle, let’s do everything we can to keep it looking EPIC for as long as possible!

Why do hairdressers say I need to come back in 6 weeks? 

Let’s call 6 weeks the average - but, like with everything else… people are different. The main reason we want to see you again in roughly 6 weeks is because if you have coloured hair and you let the regrowth come through too much, it’s more difficult for us to achieve our best.
This is because of what’s called the ‘heat band’ which is the hair from your scalp to just over 2cm away from your scalp. This area of your hair holds heat from your hair which actually helps the bleaching process - amazing right? So the real question is… how long does it take your hair to grow 2cm? That’s when we need to see you next. 
The further the hair is away from the scalp (ie 2.5cm, 3cm, more…) the less effective the bleaching process is, and the more product we have to use on your hair. And you can see where we’re going with this - it’s not great for your hair to have too much chemical product on it. Because the more lightener you have to put on your hair, the more fragile it becomes

Do I really need to worry about UV protection for my hair?

Crazy but true! The hair can’t tell us that it’s sunburnt, and we don’t see it as much. But it’s at risk of damage from UV just as much as our skin. It can even alter the colour. Sun can yellow a blonde quickly or fade a brunette fast.
Uhoh! How do we stop that?! Use a UV protectant in your hair every day. Ask us for which products we recommend to help make your hair looking great for as long as possible

Why should I use products for heat treatment?

For best-looking hair, the short answer is yes. Blow drying, heated hair styling tools… these all damage the hair and draw the moisture out. 
Heat protectant products are concentrated treatments which are heat activated. They put a barrier between hair and the tool being used to make sure the moisture is sealed in, rather than being drawn out. Isn’t science amazing?!

Note: some of our fave products contain both UV and heat protection. Chat to us to ask about which ones we rate!

How often do I need to have my vivid topped up? 

Depending on the colour that you’re going, the current condition of your hair, and how you maintain it after your DREAM appointment, this answer will vary. 
Everyone’s hair is different and it’s a case to case basis, let’s have a chat about it before you commit to a vivid. We are all about transparency with the process and results so you have all the info before you commit!
What we can tell you is that pastels will be needing a top up much more often than a vibrant blue.

How long do vivids last?

Let’s start with… vivids do fade. They’re bright and vibrant and EPIC, but they don’t stick around forever.
But let’s follow that up with… the products you use afterwards and the ways you wash your hair CAN extend the life of a vivid
The most important thing to note is that vivids by their very nature, are a bit temperamental. It’s nothing we have done wrong, it’s just the nature of the VIVID business baby!

Do you offer walk ins?

We sure do! We can't guarantee that we'll have space available but if you're in the area and you feel like stopping by, please do. We'd love to see you!