Welcome to Miss Fox. Proud to be creating dream hair in Wellington - the coolest little capital.

Walking into Miss Fox is like walking into a dream. The kind where you're in control and wonderful things happen. The best part? This is real life. We are vivid colour experts, foxy funk fanatics and live by the motto, "100% satisfaction guarantee". Honestly. Truly. Really.

The three things we are most passionate about:

  • Education. If you're going to trust Miss Fox with your dream hairstyle, we want you to know what's involved in achieving it, and what's involved in maintaining it. We're honest so that you can achieve EPIC, healthy hair.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This is a saying that sounds a bit like it belongs on a 90's infomercial... but we're OK with that. Cause we mean it! If you're not happy, we're not happy. That's why we insist on understanding your vision, and making sure you LOVE your new hair.
  • Being unlike the rest. We pride ourselves on being unlike other hair salons so that we can be a trusted confidante, a fashion partner, your VIVID colour expert awaiting your next EPIC idea.



Our dedicated team of colour experts and stylists are first and foremost just wonderful people. Led by FOXY BOSS Karen Madams, the Miss Fox crew is here to give you a DREAM experience. We take training and education seriously. We care about healthy hair. We listen. We advise. We guide. 

Karen's 25 years' experience in the industry is evident in her attention to detail, her passion of knowledge, and her drive to educate clients and stylists alike.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity, raising standards of excellence in the industry, and leveling up clients' expectations of what DREAM hair should really be about, this is a salon that consistently exceeds expectations.